July 12, 2017
By , lehi, UT

This is the time I crashed on my bike and i had to get stitches!
So one night I was riding my brand new bike that i bought
two weeks before. And my Mom told me to go put my bike away
it was to dark to ride. But i did not listen and i just keep riding.
And i was jumping off curbs and doing tricks and stuff.
and of course i did not have a helmet on cuz I thought I they were stupid. but as i was riding my bike and doing tricks i jumped
a curb and as i was landing my front tire slipped off the
curb and my handle bars turned and i landed on my face
and slid on it. Then i got up and my sister seen it happen and she asked if I was ok and then I said “ ya i'm totally fine” then walked my bike up to my
house and put it in my backyard and as i was locking the gate
I looked down at my hand and there was blood all over
it so i started feeling my head to see if I cut my head.
But there was no blood then i felt something on my chin
so i felt to see what it was and it was blood so i went to my
Dad that was in the garage and asked him if i needed stitches and he said yes so he took
me inside to clean the blood off and put a washcloth on my chin. and he told my mom not to freak out about it. An then we got my sisters and me and my dad in the car and started driving there and i told my mom i think my jaw is broke because it hurt really bad. So we got to the doctors they took me back really fast and gave me a numbing shot in my chin and finally after it went numb he started to give me stitches and my dad thought it was funny and he was recording it on his phone why the doctor was pushing my chin meat back in so he could close it up. And by the end of the night i ended up with 9 stitches and i could not eat for a week because my jaw hurt so bad. And that's the time i had to get stiches on my face and now i just have a big scar on my chin!

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