July 12, 2017
By hochi BRONZE, Kings Mountain, North Carolina
hochi BRONZE, Kings Mountain, North Carolina
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I am small and bounded.  I am never forgotten.
Ink of words make up my thoughts,
Still, I don’t walk the earth speaking them.
I am no secret, though.
Words that scatter my pages arrange themselves to phrases.
Our minds intertwine, but it’s really only mine.
Turning around your train of thought,
Into the driveway of my domain
Where I’ll  wrap my so-called cruelty around you.

I’m a temple.  A young lady searches for me.
All the secrets of mine to uncover and keep.
Along the hidden path, I tower above her,
Waiting to answer her curiosities.
I am important to her.  She gathers all she can of me.
Everything will stay a memory, bold and worthy.
It rests on her, waiting to be expressed through facts and opinions
All seen with her shimmering eyes like the never-ending sea of stars above.

The author's comments:

I wrote this poem in middle school for an assignment called Crack the Code. It's a poem that my most dear teacher liked very much, so I thought I'd save it forever in the pages of the internet forever at least.. Thank you Mrs. Shipley for caring so much about your students and their passions. Forever you will inspire me.

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