Little Girl

July 10, 2017
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Little girl so happy and bright
Didn't put up much of a fight
When I started to follow
Her heart did simply hollow
All her pain needed a base
So the smile left her face

Little girl so sad and blue
No one ever had a clue
Always with me but seemed alone
Never wanting to her leave home
but finally met a boy who gave her hope
He never fail to help her cope
I could never  pull them apart
I knew she had began to heal her heart
She finally wanted to leave her home

Little girl with a family now
Forgot me and I wonder how
Happy and in love
Soul pure like a dove
Then rain, lightning and thunder hit her hard
Sometimes leaving her scared 
Her pale skin turning blue and black
But questions always put him on attack
And slowly I crept back but not to her
Someone little, someone new now set in a dark blur

                      New Little Girl put up no fight
When she lost everything bright
The screams at night
Always filled her with unbearable fright
now that i'm here
And she has everything to fear
she takes refuge in the darkness
And all the yells become harmless
She stays here with me now
She will never forget how

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