July 10, 2017
By MercedesSS BRONZE, Chalfont, Pennsylvania
MercedesSS BRONZE, Chalfont, Pennsylvania
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I was curious when I first met you
Boredom had led me to the chat room
At first, it seemed innocent enough
You were just a guy looking for someone to talk to
I was just a girl looking for a friend
It seemed like the perfect match
A match made in heaven
In the beginning, we talked when we had time
Later, we were talking all day along
I didn’t notice the change
I thought we really clicked
So when you asked to meet me in person
I accepted
We had talked for so long
I thought I really knew you
We met at the park
Everything was fine
You were older than I thought you would be
But it didn’t matter
Or so I thought
We met frequently until you had my full trust
One day, you took me to your house
I went along with it
I trusted you
I was so blind
I didn’t see it
The way your eyes nervously shifted
The constant tapping of your fingers on the steering wheel
The restless legs
Into your house I went
That was the last time I was ever seen

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