Bad society

July 10, 2017
By mariahturrubiartes BRONZE, American Fork, Utah
mariahturrubiartes BRONZE, American Fork, Utah
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Im going to tell you something wack.
Dont you see in our society we get a little to attached.

Nobody to talk to Just some internet friends

We don't realize that life eventually ends
All we really care about is knowing the new trends.

It irritates me how ignorant we can be.
Treating the elderly like s**t and hanging with the wannabes

Nobody's really living
We're all just kinda existing.
In this world that obviously means nothing

Look around and maybe you'll see
just how horrible this type of life can be

I feel so numb
How could I be so dumb

I let this society get the best of me

Nobody sees this reality that I'm living
If only you could see what was actually happening

From going on strike to protesting
I don't think you understand what your really doing

You're making it harder to create peace
Oh if only we could be one with the trees

Living in Harmony
Let's forget about the money

Pick up a book
Tbh I'm a little shook

These are magical things
They hold stories about incredible beings

History repeats itself and that's just how it goes
The government is hiding something I can feel it in my toes

It's just to protect us they say
I think I just might stay away

We depend on those trippy contraptions full of wires
The little screens that shows us a bunch of liars

We believe everything were told
I guess that's why we're all sold

Sold on the idea of a fake reality
I guess it's just our fatality

So this is how's it's going to end in a state of comfort, closed mind set and no accomplishments.

No stories to tell
just a grave to dig,

Man, if only you could escape what you thought was real

find a new meaning and go on with living.

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