Scary Movie #?

July 9, 2017
By Kintsukuroi BRONZE, Bangalore, Other
Kintsukuroi BRONZE, Bangalore, Other
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My days with you gave me a familiar feeling

The one I get every time I watch
A horror movie
I lounge like I would on a beach
Enjoying the tranquil breeze
Of a new story, new characters, new settings
But that carefree feeling
Only lasts for 15 minutes
A month in reality, if I'm lucky
And before I can take a break,
Get up for some popcorn
The light has faded
Things have moved too fast
I don't know how or when it got so close
behind the next door
the little girl without her tongue,
The vengeful blind man with a knife,
The monster, the vampire,
The devil Cupid, with unasked questions
And premonitions of things breaking
Bones, skin and teeth
Hearts and relationships
I know what will come next
I know that it won't let me sleep
It'll leave me quaking at the thought
Of hearing sounds at night and
Walking alone in the dark
On Valentine's Day and on the street
At the chance I might see your face
For the days to come
The time isn't right
It's too late at night
It's too soon, after my last movie
That Ended with everyone broken on the floor
I'd watched enough, to know
it would be the same
Predictable and gut wrenching
Yet for some reason
I couldn't bring myself to get up
Get off the wild ride, and pick up my remote
To turn it off or at least pause it
And catch my breath
I was frozen
All I could do was feebly bring my hands up
To cover my eyes
But even then, I couldn't stop my eyes
From looking through the gaps
The same way I couldn't stop my fingers
From hooking through his gaps
And then I was part of the movie
Facing ghosts and dodging knives by an inch
Thinking I'll face the end each time
But through the high end action
And blurred gore
I come out alive and I think my fear is over
The credits have arrived
And my heart can beat freely
But then one day I come home early
He's not there, and I can hear sounds
from the cobwebbed basement
I can hear the audience scream against it, my mind screams against it
Yet, knife in hand, I tiptoe down
And when I reach the last step
I scream and I scream
Teardrops stuck in my eyes
He was lying on the floor,
Mumbling his sorry's
as his life flowed out
he was dead to me
And there was the monster
I knew it was there
But I didn't know that it was that big
My knife was no match for it
And as my sleepless nights began
I reminded myself again
To pick a comedy next time

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