July 9, 2017
By Kintsukuroi BRONZE, Bangalore, Other
Kintsukuroi BRONZE, Bangalore, Other
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As the first streak of lightning
crossed the night
I reminisced with the small joy
of having the sky as a roof

And as the first drops of rain
dotted my forehead, wiping the sweat and dust
that lived there
As the raindrops slid off of me
I slid along with them;

I melted away
My thoughts and feelings
joined the puddles
I finally saw the stars
reflected in my rivulets of water
while I followed my brethren
not towards the drains,
but down the boulevards
to the ocean

Yet before I could lose myself completely
to the ambiguity
that gave way to the raw strength of waves
that was haven to so much life
that let every little being
think it was needed and powerful

I flew

Lifted by the unseen
Everything was beneath me
The buildings and trees grew smaller
And I felt myself grow larger
Exposed to a euphoric spectrum of life
that was only known to me
I drifted like a god
my body, light as air;
watching over my kingdom

Then I was falling

The ground coming up to meet me
Too fast; way too fast
The colours were too bright
The shapes were too vivid
my eyes couldn’t see past the brightness

And then it was over

It didn’t hurt
It was pleasant,
if you could ignore the overwhelming deja vu
And the pain when I opened my eyes
the cold realisation
almost colder than my soaked clothes
the way they clung to my body
My very much solid body

The sunlight only amplified the dread
as the chatter returned to the streets,
the puddles
were already disappearing echoes

I stripped away my sodden fabric and tied my hair
Stealing one last glance upward
I started down the street

It would be long before I could return to my throne again

The author's comments:

Everytime it rains, I wish I could run away with the raindrops and leave my life behind; life among the clouds and never come down. That freedom; that weightlessness; is something we can only dream of

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