This Doubtful Stubborn Heart of Mine

July 8, 2017
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This doubtful stubborn heart of mine

Once foun love true and divine

This doubtful stubborn heart of mine

Of the blackest hue it shine

Yet many moons ago it found

A boy who made it light all around

Days and months turned into a year

During which more hearts seemed to appear

Time soon came when a secret came out

This heart of mine did not cry or pout

There was left the boy in the dust

This heart seemed not to have had enough

One by one perhaps by the dozen

This heart chose lovers fresh from an oven

Burnt and rusted torn into pieces

This seemed to find the one to relieve me

Months passed by

And inevitably I,

Became a black widow spinning her thread

Once done with a lover, leaving them for dead

Not knowing that I had just lost

The boy I loved; away he was tossed

Still my nights spend do I

Shedding fresh tears of a hollowed cry

For this doubtful stubborn heart of mine

Lost me the one true love of my life

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