Defining Society

July 7, 2017
By JennaMichelH SILVER, Calgary, Other
JennaMichelH SILVER, Calgary, Other
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They were told that they could be anything that they desired
Sweet silicone voices filling the room with sugar coated lies

A girl becomes familiar with being called anything but her name, which doesn't sound like it is even hers anymore
The syllables seem twisted, each letter filled with stone, crushing down on her She learns early on that what she says is not always valued
She is now a object in someone else’s possession being used however they want, just like many others.
We are now comfortable in a state of uncertainty
A lifetime of scars and anxiety
But at least we are comfortable right?

Girls and boys are told soon after birth what they will be
We are all represented by fairytales and make believe which blurs the image of reality
And yet, just be yourself is a common phrase that rings in my ears
How can we figure out who we are when we are already being defined by everyone around us
They pick us apart like vultures, not leaving us any leftover scraps
They scrape us clean of our confidence, our humanity, our sanity
Girls with dolls
Boys with trucks
The words to a story not written
All in unison we knew there was no choice because we were never offered one. 

Luckily for them i pick up fast on whats expected of me
I was an actor in life's play
I perfected the role I was given until, I forgot my lines
Or rather, changed them
That’s when everything came apart
I didn't want to cooperate with society's standards, the seed of my self esteem blossomed into a budding flower
delicate yet adaptive fragile yet strong
So now when they ask what I want to be using sugary voices to talk lightly
I don't bite my tongue or look down
I simply say "me"

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