Perfect Girl

July 7, 2017
By JennaMichelH SILVER, Calgary, Other
JennaMichelH SILVER, Calgary, Other
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P- she talks with poise and precision, 
E- she is equally smart and beautiful with flowing hair that reaches her fingertips
R- a role model, someone a person strives to be 
F- fun and funny with witty humour 
E- excellently enticing with an entertaining personality
C-  remains calm she is never upset nor shows any emotions
T- terrific, talented in everything you could think of 

Perfect, that girl is perfect, right?
Poise, smart, beautiful, a role model
They all are the definition of perfection but this isn't a easy game to play
You can replace Simon says with society says and you try to do everything you can to win
Like your life is a story being told through pictures and you are the main character
Like if u don't keep up an act they'll find another performer a better one, a prettier one a smarter one, one who is more of a role model then you
You'll break yourself into tinier fragments of a person, you were just being held together by the glue that gets stuck on society's finger after they use you, after they create you
Now why don't I say it again.

P- practicing her lines, over till they are embedded in her head like spider webs they tangle her entire existence

E- endless hours spent on being who you want her to be, making her question what the word "me" really means

R- rewarding herself for skipping breakfast,

F- fragile, fighting words that stick with her. She hides secrets behind her white smile that blinds you from the truth of reality

E- emotional and erratic concealing away her emotions and pain replacing help me with I'm fine

C- caring too much about what she was given to work with, wishing she could mold herself to be a masterpiece unlike being framed in a body she does not want

T- terrified, she is terrified

Now that doesn't exactly seem perfect does it? 

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