Stars for You

July 7, 2017
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There are a million stars twinkling above us tonight,
And each one has a certain path,
A certain flight.
You see, they all twinkle just for you.
They twinkle to see you smile,
Through and through.
And even though I’m not here with you today.
Rest assured that soon I’ll be on my way,
Right into your arms where I belong.
I miss you, can’t you understand.
I miss you, with a stinging pain in my heart.
You see, it makes me cry every night.
And I choke,
I choke as I say this.
I love you,
Through and through.
And even though I’m not here with you today.
I want to see you smile.
And I want you to know that I’m waiting on your secret smile,
You know, the one you only give me when you feel in love.
The one I crave for, when I tickle you, just to see you laugh.
I miss you, why can’t anyone understand that.
Do I have to write you a love poem,
So people can understand how much you mean to me.
You see those stars tonight?
They twinkle like the love I have for you.
They burn just like our passionate affection.
It’s crazy right?
Others think we are too young,
Others think we could be dumb
I miss you, why can’t anyone understand.
And I still choke,
I choke as I say this to the world.
I love you,
With every inch of my soul.
And even though I’m not here with you today,
Even though I’m not here reading this aloud to you.
I just want you to know,
Despite what others think,
I choose you.
It’s the choice we get to make,
And I will always choose you.
So I hope you realize who I am,
And I hope you realize what I mean.
You see these stars above us?
You see how they twinkle,
Through and through?
Just think of me in your arms again.
Just know I will be here with you soon.
And I hope you smile every second we are away from each other.
I hope you feel happy when you do the things you love.
And I hope you never feel pain,
Like I feel when you are away.
I love you, H.

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