July 6, 2017
By spiraling_clouds BRONZE, Denton, Texas
spiraling_clouds BRONZE, Denton, Texas
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A tear in the thread of all that’s real.
A Rip in the fabrics of everything good.
A feeling of jealousy that cuts your heart.
A feeling that cuts so deep that it’ll scar.
It scars with jaded thoughts.
It burns away all that is pure.
It sneaks upon like a thief in the night.
To take away your false sense of security.

Your Betrayal
It came in waves
That led to a tsunami
During a flood. 

Your betrayal
left jagged tears
In a versace dress
During Fashion Week.

Your Betrayal
Stroked a heart
With a knife
Meant to cut steel.

Your betrayal
It was sharp enough to pierce the anchor of the titanic
Deep enough to sink it
And powerful enough to bury it underneath Icy beauty.

Your betrayal
It came in a backlash of fury
That led to a storm
That created a fault line in the rock hard earth.

Your betrayal
It was a slow burn at first
Quickly becoming a wildfire spreading through the Amazon Forest
Leaving nothing but ashes and smoke in it’s wake.

Your betrayal
Was an armed robbery
Of the Pentagon
Leaving it nothing but an empty shell of itself

A tear in the thread of all that’s real
To take away your false sense of security. 

The author's comments:

It is a poem about how it feels to be betrayed by someone you love.

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