My Humble Distaste For Open-Form Poetry

July 6, 2017
By CAV17 SILVER, McLean, Virginia
CAV17 SILVER, McLean, Virginia
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What be that open-form poetry?
Some call it a free verse,
But any one man can freely verse anything that they want to,
With little thought.
Like a wolf;
But freedom is not always poetic, as it turns out.
Without rhythm, without rhyme, without any rules,
How does it catch the eye of the reader?
What good is a poem, without structure?
It may have heart, but what good is a heart without a brain?
Any simple-minded fellow could write this,
With no conception of what poetic art is.
Yes, while there might be some precious gems
In the millions of useless rocks,
The problem lies with the rocks.
And how easy they are to find.
In fact, you might have just finished reading one of those rocks right now.

The author's comments:

I was asked to write a free verse poem in English class in the 10th grade and was a bit frustrated because it's not my preferred kind of poetry. Although my favorite poems rhyme or adhere to specific rules for rhythm and meter (I do believe they are much more challenging to write), I actually do ocassionally write free verse poems and can appreciate them! 

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