Overflowing Emotions

July 5, 2017
By Anonymous

Sometimes happy , you have been

Sometimes you have been sad,

Sometimes virtuous , you have been

Sometimes you have been mad.


I am not sure what I am for you

But don't give me a high place,

For when I move to thee peace

You'll cry alone without my trace.


Don't be too nice to me

'Cuz for me , you can be important,

And if you leave before I do

My life will be sorrowly vacant.


I wanna ask ya a moderate question

Will ye mind me doin' so?

Why am I here ? for what deed?

Why I'm alive I want to know.


If ye love me or hate me 

Would you continue to be so?

For whaen I move thee heaven

Those feelings would be for nothing ,ya know.


Yet I ask you to heart me a place

'Cuz 'I' can't be vanishedby thy,

As even when I'm not in this world

My words would never die.

The author's comments:

These are emotions of a child who has recently lost his loved grandmother.

He is unable to bear the grief and diffrent types of emotions come in  his mind which overflow in the forms of convesation with others.

In the begging he refuses any kind of company but, gradually realises that even if the body dies the memmories and words of the dead person would never die.

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