Overflowing Emotions

July 5, 2017
By , Varanasi, India

Sometimes happy , you have been

Sometimes you have been sad,

Sometimes virtuous , you have been

Sometimes you have been mad.


I am not sure what I am for you

But don't give me a high place,

For when I move to thee peace

You'll cry alone without my trace.


Don't be too nice to me

'Cuz for me , you can be important,

And if you leave before I do

My life will be sorrowly vacant.


I wanna ask ya a moderate question

Will ye mind me doin' so?

Why am I here ? for what deed?

Why I'm alive I want to know.


If ye love me or hate me 

Would you continue to be so?

For whaen I move thee heaven

Those feelings would be for nothing ,ya know.


Yet I ask you to heart me a place

'Cuz 'I' can't be vanishedby thy,

As even when I'm not in this world

My words would never die.

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