July 3, 2017
By DrizzyTheWriter BRONZE, Plaquemine, Louisiana
DrizzyTheWriter BRONZE, Plaquemine, Louisiana
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Hello, Old Friend... Last we met, I vowed to never to have you again. The way you make me think, the way you make everything seem. You make life feel like a never ending dream. Not a good one though. You expose the reality of everything, you turn the lights on after the show... Or are you a show, and everything else reality? You make me numb, yet I see the pain, the truth is, you drive me insane. You take away attraction, make nothing happen. You're addicting, yet you do no good. You've knocked down many giants that once sovereignly stood. I called you friend because I once loved you. When I was lost, you drove the que. Into the net of your world I entered. Because of you, I became a sinner. Last we met, I vowed to never have you again, I guess I lied because now you're here, deep within. I wonder... why do you make me feel this way? Why do you make all barriers, die and decay? You open up the mind to many possibilities, yet you aren't alive, nor are you anything like Socrates. You just take away what is real. You make me not feel. Even if we say we don't want to, People are supposed to feel pain, so whoever created you, is inhumane.

So here I am, vowing once more, to lock you away, behind a door. I know you will knock, I know you will pry. I promise myself to never give you another try.
This, my friend, is Goodbye.

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