In Review of a Broken Heart

July 3, 2017
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The Spiral

We were corkscrews, all coiled up
And wound so tightly.

We were bound together
And bound to spring apart

As champagne spilled over your button down shirt.

No one gossiped
When we spiralled into a sequence
Of madness and deceit.

We simply followed nature’s plan
And fell deep

Into the Fibonacci sequence.

The Others

We were not like the others.
We were never the lovers.

Did our fingertips brush
What may have been a dream?

We never could tell
The difference between

And motivation.


You were my galaxy
When I was a star.

You were my ocean
When I swam in the sea.

You were my nest
When I was a songbird.

You were my sorrow
When I was a tear.


I was always here.

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