Sounds of Purity

June 27, 2017

As I walk through the empty field, silence swallows my mind.
Where is this music that I once had,
Where are the melodies that played in my head?
The ones where I could listen to them over and over again.
My world had simply froze in time.
It stands still, for I have lost a part of my soul.
Inside of me there is a piece of me,
A piece of me dying for music.

Continuing my path, in search for my pleasure,
A soft melody speaks to me in the distance.
Fading through the wind, music takes me far from my existence.
Suddenly melodies, rhythms, and tones fill my head.
The music destroys my fears and takes me high.
It takes me so high , I'm above the clouds and into the stars.
I'm free falling into a world where only I can go.

The music gets faster, louder, and intense.
My heart races, the beat isn't deafening, it's reviving.
A sudden burden is lifted and I feel automatically free.
My whole state of vitality has changed.
The sadness and angerness I once had, is no longer existent.
The only thing I possess inside me is pure satisfaction.

My body is in sync with the beat.
I can not manage this movement, it comes naturally.
Oh how I have missed this pure sound.
The music is one with me again.
I can open my eyes and see my own escape from reality.
Where I can be myself and no one can hear a word.
Where no one can instruct me how to live. 

I can't go a second without my music.
My mind is too attached.
Music is what makes me who I am and how I act.
Without those melodies, I go to an empty field,
Waiting for my happiness to return.
Music is something I can't live without.
Music is what keeps me alive.

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