June 30, 2017
By Anonymous

There's a pitch black void, 

Beneath my layers of skin, 

Below the bones protecting me, 

You'll see it if you look within, 


All around, it's cracked and shattered, 

Held together by strings of hope, 

Wrecked from all the pain it's felt, 

And all the misery it's had to cope, 


There's yet a single speck of red, 

Engulfed by miles and miles of black, 

After years of ache, crying, and frustration, 

There's no doubt in the love that it may lack, 


It is on the verge of breaking into pieces, 

Along it's center is a massive slit, 

You must be curious as to what it is, 

It's my heart and what you've done to it. 

The author's comments:

Heartbreak is a very painful thing to get through, especially after seeing a million moments and memories fall apart in front of your own eyes. This poem isn't just about rejection or love, but it's also about how other events can harm a person's heart. 

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