Cursed soul

June 30, 2017
I'm a cursed soul,

I have nothing left but to achieve my goal,

So at least there will be a happy ending when my story is told,

I'm going to tell my story, I'm gonna let it out, I'm gonna be bold.

I did my best to have some love in my life,

Then it all left when my heart got stabbed with a knife,

I can still remember the pain,

It haunts my dreams, it hurts my head like a migraine,

No one ever told me that the world was this way,

No one told me that love doesn't stay,

I try my best not to let the anger consume me,

But you can only control it to a certain degree,

All hearts with good intentions are bound to get broken,

None of them comes out with a victory token.

Is it that my heart was painted black as coal?

Or is that the very essence of my cursed soul?

I just need a reason to live,

Everything has been taken from me, I have no reason to live.

My soul's been cursed since the day I drew my first breath,

It has no cure, no answer, not even death.

I'm going to freeze my heart until my whole body turns cold,

I've exposed myself too much,its hight time that I fold.

At the end I'm always left with a parting kiss,

It's not cruel, that's just the way life is.

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