The loveliest couple

June 27, 2017
By VioletaQuinn GOLD, Shanghai, Massachusetts
VioletaQuinn GOLD, Shanghai, Massachusetts
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If you set your a goal that's ridiculously high, then even if you fail, you'll fail above other's success.

You guys are such a lovely couple
With the girl as my bestie
And the boy replies in triple
Forcing me as a talkative sweetie
To trip into his trap

I thought he was an ideal catch
Never ignite the match
Of dishonesty
Breaking his promise

I thought her to be god’s gift
Never cruise in a yacht
Of young love
Being cheeky unlike a dove

I’m sincerely sorry for what I’ve said
I should’ve looked back upon
All those nice thing you had comforted
My pain

I beg your forgiveness
Your majesty
As a princess
The queen you’ll be
For servants
Following orders
Of masters

Why do I always make bold jokes
Hurting the ones
I love the most
The second-parent
You status is
And that’s why I uttered please

The author's comments:

This is the follow-up of the new novel-?Stas x Hans?. Anastasia(Stacey), who's my bFF, falls in love with a bad but energetic boy named Hanson. This poem is dedicated to them for congratulations.

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