June 25, 2017
By Cory_Clark GOLD, Clemson, South Carolina
Cory_Clark GOLD, Clemson, South Carolina
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She was tired of the
Incessant bird song
And the constant tinkling
Of that fountain in the courtyard.
She was tired of
Tall stone walls
Long dark hallways and
Painting lonely pictures in the sand.

He was tired of the
Spicy night air, blowing
Around him, the bubbling gold
Sand and pockets of jade.
He was tired of the
Clear nights,
Magical carpet rides
And turquoise.

She longed for
Clouds made of candy
Water rushing between
Outstretched fingers.

He longed for
A gently glowing balcony
Soft slippers on marble
A soft figure in blue silk.

So she climbed over
The walls
She left the birds
And the fountain.
She ran through
The hallways
And scratched out
The pictures in the sand.

He left the sky
And the sand
And the air
And he ventured away.
He rejoiced in clouds
And he entered the
prison she escaped
As she entered his.

They did not find what
they wanted. Adventure was
empty with nobody to share it
And peace wasn’t peaceful at all.

She went back to
Her walls in despair.
He climbed over and
Went back to the sky.

They never knew
What could have been
If one had stayed put a bit


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