Broken Canada

June 25, 2017

Bring some Natives to a comfortable room temperature, beat vigorously with European settlers.

Stir until batter turns white, look for English toffee with a mix of French Toast.

Put the world on broil for a few hundred years, arrive at a fresh batch of inequalities.

The women crave an equal pay, there is no gap the men say. Women want a ‘real’ man someday.

Genders are rolling, pants are for people but skirts are for women. Blue is for brave and pink is for pure, if you follow the rules and don't ask for more.

We eat with our eyes they say, why is it the
Syrians look less appetizing? Why do we still prefer homegrown white meat? Things taste better with new ingredients and spices.

Hate comes in many forms, open up the church doors. Show the wizard behind the curtain. Reveal a place of love based on hate.

Why is your God better than mine? Why are my morals invalid because they didn't come from a book? This is my perspective, take a look.

Canada, the land of the free, but why is it free for he and not she?

We’re all ingredients in the soup of Canada, one vegetable can't be harder than the other, we all have to dissolve together.

Pass the peas you ask, because they are too far from reach, just like the equality we preach.

The author's comments:

This poem was inspired by Benjamin Zephanias poem 'The British'. The poem talks about the unfair way Native Canadians were treated by European settlers, gender roles pushed onto us by our society and the inequalitys that Canada face.

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