Hot Day in the Deserted Parking Lot

June 24, 2017
By SavannahJ GOLD, Cazenovia, New York
SavannahJ GOLD, Cazenovia, New York
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It's so hot

They said it would be cold

But it was not.

So the people sit and melt

This heat wave has been felt.

Two hundred degrees too much too high

Eggs on the street will bake and fry.


Oh yes, it's so hot

They said it would be cold

But it was not.

Yes, this heat wave has been felt

And we all just lie here and melt.

This heat's makin' me feel high

So I sit here and wonder why

Should I get up and get in gear

Instead of lying here

Wonderin' where's the LSD -

God, look I've hit a bee

Better let that thing be...


Oh Lord! it's just so hot

I've gotta wail and moan and rot.

There's a woman with a pelt

And a man who's got a belt

There's a guy with powder in his eye

He sings too loud and asks us why?

Why it's so damn hot

It's frying the whole lot.

Our cheeks are red and warm

And the bees breathe in a whole swarm...


I feel my face begin to blush, and I'm welcomed by a rush of bleedin' tomato juice on a ride.

I twist on my side:

Let me sleep, let me die,

Cos it's too damn hot

In this deserted parking lot.

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