Little Lost Now Found Journal Entry

June 24, 2017
By Levi Anne Ujano BRONZE, Vancouver, Columbia
Levi Anne Ujano BRONZE, Vancouver, Columbia
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One day, you will turn your head back and be introduced with an empty familiarity of a memory you once held onto. You will go through the complexity of repositioning your eyes and slowly adjusting to its distant glow once again because you cannot be sure whether it is present or not. You call upon others and you screech scalding remarks as it slowly approaches. Agonizing and daunting you with its patronizing stance, you cannot fathom just how gruesome flashbacks of this, this thing is staring at you—breathing, believing! This thing—it is so beautiful. It is an eyeful to be able to experience it unfold, and to be told that you are scared, to be shown that a long time ago, an artifact of a life lived not lividly is something that you are scared of...well that is just a bummer.

-a concoction of words pieced together trying to form a blown-up concept or emotion of a present soul wondering about the wonders of life, the wonder itself.

The author's comments:

sometimes i just write random things down and hope i am able to process feelings or thoughts i did not even realize i had, this is one of them

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