Childish Games & Broken Hearts

June 24, 2017
By BrunetteInsights SILVER, Caldwell, Idaho
BrunetteInsights SILVER, Caldwell, Idaho
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Favorite Quote:
If you judge people. You have no time to love them.

I know it's juvenile,

but I used to play scenarios in my head,

attempting to find a justification,

to believe you might feel the same way.


If the car turns left, you love me.

If it's not yet noon, you love me.

If the guy sits in the chair, you love me.

If it rains today, you love me. 


And I dont think I ever truly believed,

that these silly notions would mean anything,

but I know for certain that it didn't.

Because the car turned left,

it was not yet noon,

and the guy sat in the chair,

and it rained today,

and still,

you did not love me. 

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