June 23, 2017
By Sam_yukta GOLD, New Delhi, Other
Sam_yukta GOLD, New Delhi, Other
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Through secret doorways

Through vaulted archways

Where tread these beings

Through exalted personage.


Muffle the sound, please

Lest it wake the sleeping child.

Mask my scent,

Disguise the bend

Glide the shoes

Wave the shroud.


Sentinels would impede my flight

His soundless scream

Would find a match

In my terrifying dreams.


Febrile vines

Poison ivy

The latest frescoe

On the canvas 

Of my endless nightmares.


Under the ghostly glow

Of an unearthly light

Where the day 

Is held hostage by the

Impending night.


Eyes well with pity -

Would an inhuman

presence like this

ever get a place

in this earthly existence?

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