June 23, 2017
By pris_cilla11 BRONZE, Union City, New Jersey
pris_cilla11 BRONZE, Union City, New Jersey
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Without you, I would not be.
I cannot go a mile without you, needless to say even three.
Hours without you, and you're all I need.
You are everywhere and with enough power you can drown me.
You make up seventy-one percent of my world and sixty-one percent of me,
You are important, you see.
So beautiful and so pure,
Sometimes boiling hot, and so icy cold it burns.
You're always there for fun and play and
to help navigate.
But if I wait too much, soon,  you'll evaporate.
You hold my sadness,
And wash it right out the sea
And all my worries are set free.

The author's comments:

Who knew water could be so important?

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