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June 23, 2017
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I am from The Arnold’s, Baublitz’, Miller’s, and Gerber’s.
I am from Ashley Force and Dale Jr.
From being told You're Destined For Greatness, and Suck it up buttercup.
From black and gold games was the Sunday after church tradition where you were not allowed to stand in front of the “big screen.”

I am from the “bear story.” Being on the mountain boardwalk.
From watching the TV show where the orange 01 car got chased by Rossco.

I am from late Saturday nights on Weezy’s porch eating Old Bay on our seafood and dipping it in a yellow dip.
From playing Manhunt and Sardines on the “sheep hill.”
From picnics “at” the “woods” and muddy golf cart rides through the creek.

I am from one long sleepless night in August at three in the morning, after watching one last breath and many forever goodbyes. Picking up the lifeless body off the bed and on to the bright red stretcher. While my mom ran away into the darkness.

I am from an organization that gives money to the doctors that if they cure this disease will cure cancer.
I am from camo and fluorescent orange.

I am from a family that has been through so much and has lost an important person in their life.
I am from Rock and roll all night and party everyday.
I am from perfecting my swing and hitting off the tee. Driving is for show and putting is for the dough.
From muddy shoes to junior bridesmaids dresses.

I am from a family known for our fighters, survivors, and of remembrances of those people who have made me who i am and what I will be until the day I die. 


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