The One that Got Away

June 23, 2017

Perhaps one day I may sever
the fraying thread that keeps us together
Maybe when I can hardly stand
the look of satisfaction on his smug face
Or the sly grin passed at just the brief glimpse
Will I dare to clip whatever binds he and I
To be completely honest, I would rather run
Run far away from this cage of expectations
Vast abandonment is not uncommon for me
May as well stumble along the uprooted and poisonous path
To receive a few burns on the soles of my feet and taste freedom
Rather  than stay trapped in a life of lies
Oh the intricate lies he would tell
Immaculate details
as though he had spent the entire night contemplating what to say
To make the story believable
Shame I have learned the tricks
and can see through his duplicitous thoughts
I don’t know why I continuously await for the day
When he will not come home
Nor do I know why I continue to listen to his treacherous statements
Does he think me dull-witted to know that he,
Not ten minutes before was with the brunette he claims is his sister
Tis simply idiotic that he has yet realize that I know
I know of all the deceivement and scandalous things
Occurring right on my very doorstep
Perhaps it would be best if I slashed the thread
Lest the hurt indefinitely aroused by this false slumber
Leaving him to drown in his own confusement
As to why I disappeared like an apparition
I think it best if I leave him with his shallow thoughts
Always left to ponder of his white whale
The one who got away

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