In the Hands of the Future

June 22, 2017
By 21bmalizia PLATINUM, Dresher, Pennsylvania
21bmalizia PLATINUM, Dresher, Pennsylvania
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Humanity will end itself
Some will blame climate change
Some may blame people of other races
But we shouldn’t point fingers when everyone is the same
I want to live my life to the same content as those before me
As everyone does
But my millenia will be the ones to pay
When everyone who
reigns power now dies,
It will be us who will pay for what you have not done
You regard the problems without care
Because we as humans think we are invincible
It will be us breathing poisoned air
The ones who fall body atop body
because of disease and pain
We will be the ones to starve,
to thirst for clean water
Driven by insanity of the nuclear remains
That people from your generation have shed
It was you
that allowed men to get shot in the streets
Because of their skin color
It was you
that set war upon people that were different than you
It was you
who made women objects or property
It was you
who broke apart families
You killed because it was for the good of your country
It was you
who continues to pollute the water
It was you
who allows nearly 100 species daily to be driven to near extinction
It is you
that should feel the regret of your actions
Not us
Not the millennials
Not me
I will not stand here and allow you to push my opinion aside
You only fear that I am right in my saying
Humanity is its own worst enemy
Pushing the small voices of the future into the sea of others
Waiting for the day that it will change
When we as one will not judge because of one's looks
We will not kill endangered animals because of certain parts
That we will take it upon ourselves to fix our mistakes
Join hand in hand with our brothers
And rejoice in the glory of all religions and happiness
So mock me
Tell me I am only a child that knows nothing
That I should respect the ones far wiser and greater than I
But how can I stand back when the ones I am suppose to admire
Are dooming our nation
And murdering my future
So listen, please
Do not leave the children of the next generation
to wallow in your mistakes
Open your goddamn eyes
And don’t fill the world with empty promises
Do something
Because the future of humanity
Remains in your hands

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