June 22, 2017
By EricaSinha BRONZE, Princeton, New Jersey
EricaSinha BRONZE, Princeton, New Jersey
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It throws itself upon us, like a crashing wave on a bed of rocks
It engulfs us
Takes us along
On its personalized journey for us
Whether we like it or not

We hold our breath
Close our eyes
And take a leap of faith
Because what other choice do we have?


Change has a sudden impact
Like none other
But those who learn to embrace it
Rather than turn against it
Are the wiser ones, and the ones better off

Because you see,
The ones who embrace it
See change not as an event, or a disruption
But as a mentor, who says
“Come, take my hand.
Be sure to hold on tight.
Learn from me
Grow from me
Become who you are supposed to be
Because of me”

And so they do, what we should all do

Take what life hurls at us
Catch it
Bring it up close to our face
Look straight at it
And vow to embrace it
Because then we will be better off

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