With Me

June 22, 2017

The door creaks as I open it as gently as I could
The light blinds my sensitive eyes
I step outside, shivering
The frigid air chills my bones.

I run down to the edge of the lake
The ancient oak watching over the lake beckons me
I remember just when I take
A real look at the water

I remember him
He taught me everything I know
He was my role model, my teacher, everything my parents should have been
He taught me to look-
Not just high, but also low.

For we always think we are always right
But just like there are more than one side to any story
Nature is everywhere
Just like he is now

I stand in shorts as I take in the beauty of nature
A terrible longing becomes me
I feel so lost without him
So alone like a flower among a bed of clovers                                                                                      

The mist rolling across the water
The reflection of the light whose getting bolder
Coming out behind the cumulus clouds
The small frigid droplets of the dew on the grass

My grandfather always said that dead things went back into nature
But I wonder if he is with me now
Observing me
Like he always does

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