A Forgotten Nightmare

June 22, 2017

A forgotten dream,
Or is it a nightmare?

Something awakened deep inside me,
Made me freeze as if time froze,
As if my body wouldn’t listen to me.
Made me stare wide eyed,
As if that is the only expression known to me.
Made me tremble deep inside,
As if a block of ice was within me.

A forgotten dream,
Or is it a nightmare?

It clutched my heart painfully,
Forced a lump into my throat.
Unknown, known.
Know, un-know.
All senses left me,
Except for this.
My vision blurred to spots of gray,
My breath hitched in between my nose and mouth,
My tongue tasted dryness,
My fingers felt the numbness,
My ears heard the repeated thump of the something inside me.
Foreign yet familiar.

A forgotten nightmare,
Or is it a dream?

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