MIddle School Skills

June 22, 2017
By Anonymous

Sleeping through 3 alarms and not moving a bit.
It’s a skill I have developed throughout my middle school education.
Something I can do without even thinking.
Stay completely still don’t move a muscle.
Don’t even dream and you could possibly see.
The lifelessness that abides itself in me.

This poem is quite interesting as I have never made one before.
Am I even making it right?
Well life is full of mistakes and problems will come along the path to success.
Along with friends and family to pull you through.

Back to the sleeping subject.
I tend to almost be late and am racing to my school
And am always tired in class
Maybe I should go to sleep earlier
Nah that plan will be the last

Well my poem is over
I don't think I was supposed to write that
Well I am probably 100% doing this wrong
But it doesn’t matter anyways
Because this is my poem
And I have total control
The End

The author's comments:

I am lazy and only go outside when I am forced to :D

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