Lost at Sea

June 22, 2017
By Jalynne SILVER, Lander, Wyoming
Jalynne SILVER, Lander, Wyoming
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Favorite Quote:
"Don't forget in the darkness what you learned in the light."

My world, my life, my Love
We used to be together
But now I am alone
In this storm that I must weather

The memories of you
Drive me forward forever
Not that I will see you again
But I want more time to remember

You were just so perfect
You were my everything
Life was ready to bloom
The world was spreading its wings

When I held your hand
I felt like I could fly
Your smile captured my soul
You hardly had to try

Alas, the storm was too great
It could not be endured
The hands of the devil attacked
And the wound could not be cured

Darkness is in everything
The water, the wind, the waves
The ocean entertains itself
By dragging us to our graves

My Love, you were captured
By the hands of the ocean
You were taken away
And the world is spinning in motion

Beneath the gasps and the screams
My mind exploded into pain
The storm never faltered
The lightning and thunder and rain

My heart throbbed and pounded
Panic swept through my blood
I could not accept this
So I followed you into the flood

The journey was a nightmare
I followed you to the floor
This ocean is a graveyard
These waters wage a war

In the deep, dark water
I could not leave you
We were far from the surface
But never out of view

There is always hope
So I took your stiff, cold hand
And pulled you gently upward
Off of the midnight sand

As I struggled upward
With your hand in mine
My lungs screamed for air
But I told myself we’d be fine

Up and up and up
The air was too far away
My strength slowly failed me
And everything gave way

All of the world went black
I felt like I had drowned
And, my Love, I’m sorry
I let you fall to the ground

I find myself back on the ship
The storm continues to wage
I’ve forgotten myself
My name, my journey, my age

Our tragic story is over
Through no choice of your own
And your absence is a knife
That cuts me to the bone

The pain is all too real
I crumple to my knees
Is it true you can’t return?
Despite my cries and pleas?

My Love, I’m sorry you fell
I’m sorry that I let go
The world that was before us
Is a world we’ll never know

My Love, I am your downfall
I’m the reason you are gone
I lack the strength of a hero
And the weak ones can’t move on

Under this dark ocean
You lie upon the sand
But I can almost hear your voice
I can almost feel your hand

Now, my Love, you’re lifeless
And I shudder at the pain
My voice ascends the storm
For there are screams I can’t constrain

Tears escape my eyes
My old self would never cry
But as I weather this storm alone
I wait for my heart to die

I lie on this sinking ship
And time has lost its meaning
The storm is attacking my body
At me, the world is screaming

Onward forever and ever
In this world of lightning and thunder
I am a ship in the waves
Waiting to be pulled under

The storm will not stop hurting
Even as it sees me cry
The storm will not stop killing
Even as it sees me die

The rain beats down in torrents
The end of this all is nigh
I hate the world and myself
And I deserve to die

This ship is my casket
The ocean is my grave
The world is a murderer
I cannot be saved

I close my eyes and sob
The waves rocks me to sleep
This is the time to cry
This is the time to weep

My Love, it hurts so much
To think of how we failed
We tried to weather the storm
But, alas, the storm travailed

My Love, this life is over
Now all is set free
Death has taken you
And now, it’s taking me

My Love, death is the end
You and I are no more
I am a ship in the sea
And there is not a shore

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