The Choice

June 21, 2017
By Caitlin Roberts BRONZE, Anchorage, Alaska
Caitlin Roberts BRONZE, Anchorage, Alaska
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You have one life
They say

It's one life and you must follow you dreams
You must reach for the stars, and grasp at the sky
Even if you fingers only find dust

If you don't take a chance now, it will float away like the wind
Leaving only the memory of what could have been
You will forever regret your choice
Because all that you wanted could have become yours

So take that risk, leave it all on the line
Ignore those who doubt, walk through that fire
Because when you resist the burn of the doubt and fear
All your dreams will be right there


You have one life
They say

It's so precious and quick
If you waste it, there is nothing you can do
It's like a candle slowly melting down
And when times run out, you’ll leave

You should be safe, be secure
Don't sacrifice for silly things
You can be content without chasing your dreams

With money and a house
Maybe some kids
You don't need to worry about what could have been
You can just be happy to live


I don't know
I say

Because that's the truth
My heart pulls me to a land where dreams are reality
And my mind says reality is just that

Where I need to make money
I need to be secure
But I want so much more
And it hurts to want it all

So I'll continue to be at war
Until I finally am forced to become and adult
And make a choice that will claim my life
I can't wait, but I can
I don't want my dreams to end

The author's comments:

As a teenager, I am constantly aware that very soon I will be making choices that will have a huge impact on my life. And the struggle of whether to take a risk, or to play it safe is what inspired this poem.

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