You went out flying

June 21, 2017
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After a seven game winning streak,
the highlight of your last year,
you pummeled that ball
until your wings felt weak
This was your life, dear

You soared a million miles
over the ground,
the other team—ants in your bird’s eye view
Your competition was weak—you smiled
You were the best, dear

But one day, your lungs gave out
and I watched—in paralyzed fear
as the man in the white
delivered the news
No more flying, dear

You fell out of the sky
and I watched—arms open for you
Ants weren’t your opponent,
God was
Back in the nest, dear

We knew time was running short
Your spirit seemed broken—you cried every night
and after several long weeks,
I sang to you and you sang to me
And you smiled, dear

You’d sing—day in and out
and when you sang, you smiled
and you’d sing even louder
You were back on the scoreboard
You were my songbird, dear

This was your final match, you against God
He looked like a giant from where you stood
You didn’t care—you stared him down
You lifted your voice and soared off the ground!
You’d found your wings, dear!

And when the day came and you were taken away,
you had life in your voice,
your wings spanned a million miles wide,
and you soared, higher than the skies
You went out flying, dear

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