June 20, 2017
By sgardenswartz BRONZE, La Mesa, California
sgardenswartz BRONZE, La Mesa, California
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So profuse
And penetrating
My eyes hurt
To see through it
To see to it
I feel
The steamy breath
Of my exhale
In the hallow
Frigid dusk.
The stone drips
Around me.
It reminds me of
The triangle my little
Brother once played
In his winter concert.
But no
His notes were
Resounding resonating
Rippling inside of me
Reverberating to my core.
The walls just drip
Soft and sudden and
To no song.
My freezing fingers
Fumble frantically
Hoping to find
A match
The match
The last one in my pack.
I search for my gnawed nails
Yearning to see a light
Any light
But the dark

And to my surprise
The dark
Takes my hand
And moves it
To strike
A spark
In the night
Born in a roar
She shushes it
To a whisper
Where it smolders
And waits
With the embers
For sunrise

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