The Manipulated Mind

June 17, 2017
By carleeann BRONZE, Park City, Utah
carleeann BRONZE, Park City, Utah
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We listen
We listen to everyone who needs it
We listen to not only to the words, but the underlying message they want heard

We listen to what is being said through their body language screaming out to be heard

We hear
We hear not only the words spoken, but the ones that did not leave your lips

We think
We think about everything we physically can

We think in new ways

We observe
We observe all things,
The things bigger then our world, and the things the size of an ant

We see
We see not only with our eyes, but we can see past that
We see character
We see who people really are

We act
We act like individioulos We act like ourselves

We take action

We love
We love everyone
We love them with a love that will last forever

We except
We except others for who they are, we do not try to change them

But we don’t...
We don’t care who we hurt to fit in
because how dare you think about the girl with cuts on her arms
When you could be thinking about the new outfit you bought
How dare you sit by the boy in the corner eating alone at lunch
when you could go sit with the “popular” people
And how dare you tell someone that their life is less valuable then yours

We have been trained by the media that we say we run, But the media is running us
We have become a generation of mindless robots who have lost the ability to think for themselves. Our minds have been manipulated by these things that we say we manipulated

We don't care what it takes to make it to the top, We don't care who we hurt,
We don't care what we have to do,
We don’t care that we are hurting ourselves too.

We are living in a time where people are acting more like animals, then our own pets.

We hear only the words spoken never going deeper into what lays upon the surface

We think about only the things we are suppose to as if we need permission from society to discover on our own

We observe almost nothing, we act as if things do not exist

We see only with our eyes
we can not see deeper than just the outward shelling we are taught to judge in a second

We act as if it is wrong to be ourselves,
as if we all have to hide who we really are

We love as if the word has no meaning.
We say we are in love and marry, but then two years later the love isn't their anymore?

We decided it was ok not to love our enemies

We except only what we are taught to, like we no longer can decide on our own, as if our thoughts are not valuable,
as if we are not valuable...

So the next time you see that girl you think you know all to well
when you pass her in the halls, and she gives you that big warming smile,

Just think
Think about how at 14 she has been in battle fighting war long enough.

How her thoughts might be holding her captive in the prison cell

Maybe how she is locked in
Screaming at the top of her lungs for help,
and hoping the other soldiers could hear her,
because she knows that with just one person for back up,
she could finally win the war that has been fought all too long.

So the next time you see that boy sitting alone,
sit with him.
That may just be the last shot needed to end his war
That is when we can stop this madness,
and become a generation that is not controlled from material things
a generation where we can start loving each other like we were meant to
a generation that can truly
Hear, Think, Observe, See, Act, Love, and Except

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