They Will Learn

June 16, 2017
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America’s most problematic,
Everlasting war.
All we’ve had are
Social media awareness,
And walk-outs.
This battle is the passionate fight for equality.
It’s been going on for so,
It’s as if society’s trying to silence us.
Trying to act as if they’re too blind to see the real problems that only increases over time.
Is anyone even trying to listen to a word we’re saying?

The media does nothing but display,
How the darker or lighter the skin,
Decides if our punishment is a bullet to the head,
Or hours of probation.
Why is it that a black person will get the automatic death penalty, for the exact crime, that a White person does?

A cultural head-dress has become an act of “terrorism,”
And a hoodie on a black man is suddenly a “gang symbol.”
Whether you choose to express your culture and or style or not,
The choice should never be impacted by society’s discriminatory labels.
Who even decided that the way someone dresses automatically makes them an attack on society?

There are straight people who are brainwashed,
Into thinking that the celebration of gay marriage being,
Is an act of inequality.
Or even a threat to humanity.
Do they ever stop to realize, they never had to fight for their love to be accepted?

America’s most problematic,
Everlasting war,
And we’re still having
Social media awareness,
And walk-outs.
As America keeps failing to reach equality even more,
The passionate battle so someday reach it will only increase.
We will teach them,
That the color of our skin,
Should NEVER determine a consequence.
We will teach them,
That the way we dress,
Is strictly a way to show who we are,
Not cause a threat.
We will teach them,
That girls that like girls,
Boys that like boys,
And genders that like both,
Deserves to be celebrated.
Because they fought for so long to feel accepted in this world.
Our voices will not continue to be silenced by society’s obvious ignorance.
We will turn their acts of blindness, into realization of the real problems.
They will listen,
And someday,
They will learn.

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