Questioning Through a Feminist Lens

June 16, 2017
By gabs1234 BRONZE, Toronto, Ontario
gabs1234 BRONZE, Toronto, Ontario
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I’m not quite sure what it is and what you get,
Is it the rush? The power? The feeling of being able to belittle a person based on the difference between what swings between or does not?

I have always questioned what it must feel like to wear a crown as soon as you’ve crowned like a wet, pink flower blooming for the first time
To not realize the impact of the past, and how it  repeats itself over and over

I wonder, as I have always, as I am sure every other woman has felt at some point in their life what is so different between you and me, that makes you so superior and so free to be whoever you want while I, am stuck in between margins and borders, of how I should or should not be.

Where do I fit, in a world so in love with men and succession?
A world that congratulates you on just being born a man, rather than a woman
Where do I fit in a place that stomps us down to the ground like a worthless flower or plant,
But we are not worthless, we are beautiful, if only everyone could see us blooming when the floor is ours, when the sun is shining in just the right way on us and we have been watered to perfection with hope and encouragement
Where do I fit?
And you may not understand the meaning and importance of feminism and you are not to be blamed
But let me show you

Feminism is the elasticity of my body and mind
As I and any other woman try to bend and weave ourselves to fit around the gender roles
That have already been predestined for us before we even leave the womb

It is not for the weak, or the faint hearted
It is for young and old, men and women
It is for you and me

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