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June 16, 2017
By delicate_kat2 BRONZE, Vancouver, Columbia
delicate_kat2 BRONZE, Vancouver, Columbia
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I bite on mechanical
pencil led
for a fix

Eat erasers so
deletion defends
the murders

Shake hands
with stone until
breath leakage

Intellect dragons
so the slayer
wears a funeral

Stare at language
shaped and
become skeptic

Drums in mind
to drown out
commotion composers

Inspire to become
weightless and
fade emotions

Wear fire coals
to continue
burning reaction

Close curtains
to light of
interest connection

Turn off network
to perspective
the cut chains

Drink all the colours
of malicious
thought demons

Sink into
silk inferno
for redemption

Hate verbal
vibration from
the faces

Loathed topics
All of the above
Ignore print.

The author's comments:

Inspired by my journey to overcome depressing feelings.

I spent time identifying the negative things in my life and these feelings are written in this poem. 

It started off as a simple list, and has been transformed into something beautiful and personal. 

I hope readers can make their own personal connections to this poem and truly experience the feelings and images described. 

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