Being a Being

June 16, 2017
By chlobaby BRONZE, State Line, Mississippi
chlobaby BRONZE, State Line, Mississippi
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Well, you see, we don't exist for no reason

Who knows why we're here

Or what we'll do

But it's up to us to choose


Well, there's good and bad

On this earth exists plentiful of both

But sift through the relics

And choose what path suits you 


Well, you see, many things differ

So... it's hard to decide

Because some decisions are so benign

And some are majorly huge...


...But it's up for us to choose

How we win

Or how we lose

In the absurd world in which we inhabit

The author's comments:

The tone of this poem was inspired by Langston Hughes "Mother to Son." I tried to take the theme of life in Hughes poem and twist it to fit in the modern century of time we are in now. 

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