June 16, 2017
By Callum.Oxley BRONZE, Vancouver, Columbia
Callum.Oxley BRONZE, Vancouver, Columbia
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The beautiful mountains taunt me as if they know I am leaving them behind.
The beautiful oceans glisten as if to smile goodbye.
The eccentric green forests and trails wave me a final salute as the wind flows through them.

My high school, now empty, feels more comforting now than ever before.
My heart, feels like it is in shackles, as my group of friends is fully present for the last time.

I am stuck with an emotion that is confused.
Unsure if it should be ecstatic, or devastated.
As I will be leaving behind everything I’ve ever known,
but beginning a new life, in a new province.

Now I lay in bed like a beach,
as wave after wave of memories and emotions roll over me.
Tomorrow I will say my final goodbyes.
My family will wave down from our porch as the taxi pulls away.
My mom will be crying,and I will act like I’m not holding myself back too.
Then, I will pull away,
and will have fully moved away
from my parents, friends,
and home.

Tomorrow I will have to say goodbye to everything.

The author's comments:

Thinking about all that will come with graduation deeply inspired me. It lead me to think not only about the happiness of grad, but also the sadness involved with moving out.

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