June 14, 2017
By MissZoeJane BRONZE, Basking Ridge, New Jersey
MissZoeJane BRONZE, Basking Ridge, New Jersey
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"One must always be careful of books, and what's inside them, for words have the power to change us" -Tessa Grey

Death is a wonderful, Beautiful thing,
A wonderful thing it is
Death is a lovely, Beautiful thing
A lovely thing yes it’s true.
But Death is an awful, Sorrowful thing
An awful thing it is
Death is a painful, Sorrowful thing
A painful thing it’s true.

Death is a one way trip
Where you leave everyone behind.
You can’t go back once you have gone through that door
No looking back.

There are people that you leave behind
After you die,
And that is the hardest part.
But you must be brave for everyone else
For when it’s your time, you’ll go
Everything happens for a reason
And believe that but you must know,
Don’t go by choice because when you need to go, you’ll know,

The author's comments:

The begining maysound off but still if you read to the end it might suprise you...

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