June 20, 2017
By Anonymous


What I dream to be.

The red circling my iris signals,

I'm not okay.

I cover my burning, 

With clouds of beauty.

Excuses cover my burning surface,

Fake smiles burn like stars.

Yet, inside I still burn on.

Burning through the floorboards holding my feet above the abyss.

But those boards will burn out,

The twine will close in.

My final smile shall be true,

Showing the universe

That I was just broken,


But now,

I am just fine,

I am finally


The author's comments:

What inspired me to write this piece is hearing of teens that act happy are really broken inside and no one seems to notice until that person is gone. I hope people will open their eyes to look for the signs that someone close to them may need help, however small the warning signs are.

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