Ms. Muslim

June 19, 2017
By Anonymous

To the people at the airport I am “pat her down extra…
just in case”
To my brethren I am “too weak to show my faith”
To everyone in the streets I am
I wonder what would be if I were to utilize a black silken scarf and envelop my head
Shroud myself in religion
“the media would have you as good as dead”
Whispered voices call me to change
A devout woman in today’s crumbling society can only be perceived as deranged
I peer into the future, a time where there shouldn’t be strife
But all I can see is hate
Hate, discrimination, and loss of life
I want to taste equality, something I can only smell because
I am Ms. Muslim

I pretend my age is two-fold of what it is
A powerful woman in society
A motivator who makes the stage
When in reality I’m just a girl, just a Muslim, just another face
I feel the world is a mere carousel
Spinning out of control into a pit of hatred and despair
I touch a wall, firm and unmoving, reeking with everything said
I worry I can’t tear it down
Unable to burst forth past the violence this world has spawned
I cry because there is too little to love in this world and too much difficulty to belong
Love is nothing but an emotion to feel when we forget
Forget that I am Ms. Muslim

I am but a weed in an endless garden of roses
These roses step all over my delicate self with their toxic words
Slicing me with their thorns of disapproval
I understand that there are red roses and white roses
But I am always “none of the above”
I say it’s all temporary, every second, every scare
I dream of awaking in a cold sweat; it was all just a nightmare
So tell me why those who hate me
Are the ones I want to be
Tell me why I want to fight
Instead of laying down with fear
I try to eat my pain and swallow up my tears
Hope that everyone kicks down their walls and stows away their lies
Shrink their pride and ego to finally realize
I am Ms. Muslim
With joy and with pride

The author's comments:

As a Muslim teenager living in America who faces the pressure from the Islamic community to be devout and pressure from society to be "normal", I wanted to share my perspective. I hope that people will be able to see my point of view on the world and how I really am just a girl, and sometimes I feel helpless, while sometimes I feel strong. I hope other people like this can relate to me.

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