June 19, 2017
By Momcst BRONZE, Riverdale, New Jersey
Momcst BRONZE, Riverdale, New Jersey
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The soft patter of rain on a foggy night
Dripping and dropping on a rusty metal roof just in sight
Nightmarish howls to cause a fright
The crisp air creeps on my skin
Two giants, an aging oak tree and a pole full of wires, standing side by side
Morningbirds whistle off in the wind
A rose as golden as the sun, staring at a damp, rotting, old bench
The bench, older than most, creaks at every gust
The bleak gray clouds settle in, stealing the life and color from the sky to the earth's crust
Morning dew beings to settle
Crickets chirping their chants into the cool night
The night, darker than the menacing pupil of an owl
The night, a time of heavy thought, some of joy, some of pain
The night, the moment time appears to slow down and the world feel different
So take a moment, embrace it, open your mind to the beauties of the world, and your mind

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