June 18, 2017
By HelenaPallay BRONZE, Boonton, New Jersey
HelenaPallay BRONZE, Boonton, New Jersey
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I was sitting silently, sipping a tall glass of icy lemonade
Feeling the brisk, tangy sweetness flood my mouth
When I was taken instantly back, instantly reminded
Of something i once experienced as a younger soul.
It was a memory of walking down a hotel hallway
My mother’s hand in one hand and a disney cup in the other.

The way I see things today is quite different from
The vivid visions I had when I was young.
And although this is true, when I remember my old memories
I can’t help but long to re-live those moments

The familiar scent of a new sticker book is so comforting
Comfortable pillow forts built on foundations of giggles
Giggling at the ever dancing clouds as they morph with our imagination
Imagining what it would be like to be Older.

Older comes as quickly as lightning,
Dashing everything in its wake
The innocent world of fairies and imaginary friends
Suddenly at the end of my driveway
Sitting alone in a toybox
Waiting for its next victim
Now a world of reality and longing for the days passed

The days of “tag you’re it”, running barefoot in the dewy grass
The hiss of summer sprinklers and the smell of old crayons
And all the other simple pleasures of naivety.

This is the bittersweetness of maturing and moving on.
Moving on from what you underappreciated only to
Yearn to be held in the arms of innocence once and once again.

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