Adults Aren't Afraid of Anything

June 18, 2017
By indi_in_the_sky SILVER, Conway, Arkansas
indi_in_the_sky SILVER, Conway, Arkansas
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Adults aren’t afraid of anything.
If they were, why would they sit,
Protecting their homes from other fearless adults
They don’t know anything about?
If they were, why would they live their lives on the run?
They obviously aren’t afraid of the change.

Children are afraid of everything.
Because it is weak to live a life without
Opinions prettier than diamonds being drilled into their heads like
Bolts being drilled into a power plant.

A power plant radiating
Energy- the giver of life-
And toxicity- taker of it-
Because adults aren’t afraid of anything

Adults aren’t afraid of anything,
So why not eat chemicals
And drink poison?
So why not drive death’s chariot
And sleep in the electric chair?
Why waste time separating your
Goods from evils?
Since adults aren’t afraid of anything.

Children are afraid of everything.
Since it is weak not to hate someone
Because your dad told you to
Because his dad told him to
Because his dad told him to
Because they are different

Hate isn’t hereditary
It’s a tradition
Passed down through generations
Through nations
From one person
From one adult who wasn’t afraid of anything.

The author's comments:

I was watching the video that goes with "To This Day" by Shane Koyczan when it started coming to me.

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